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I'm a big fan of games of all kinds (much to my wife's chagrin), so I thought I'd put together an online directory of game rules, partially for the fun of it, but also to offer a good reference for other game-lovers and game-seekers. I even offer the rules to games never before seen outside of; games like Balloon Belly Ball and my personal favorite, The Thingy Game.

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While I'd like to see the popularity of The Thingy Game grow, there's also a lot of other great games out there, and sometimes I wish I had a personal directory of the rules of every game online so that I could refer to it when disputing amongst family as to if a flush really beats three of a kind. I have separated the directory into four main sections: 1) Original Games, which are ones developed on a local level that never made it to the mainstream (but they're still very good). 2) Party Games, which are games that are ideal for livening up groups, ice-breakers and the like. 3) Board Games, covering the standard and not-so-standard games which typically require a board of some kind, and 4) Card Games.

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Rob Your Neighbor or White Elephant Rules

Rob Your Neighbor, also known as White Elephant and in some circles, simply The Game, is a great party game that usually shows itself during the Christmas / Holiday season because it involves trading gifts. While the actual origins of the game remain hidden in undocumented history, one can only imagine that the traditional game began when someone received a gift they were less than happy with, but needed a guise through which to trade his gift for one they liked better.

Blackjack Rules

The origins of Black Jack are on the whole unknown, although some say it was popularized in French casinos in the late 18th century. The at-home version of Black Jack and the version typically played at casinos are a bit different, with the later version being far more complicated. We will go over the at-home version here.

Poker Rules

As with most games, the origin of Poker is difficult to trace to a single source. Most seem to agree that it begin in the 16th century as a Persian game called As Nas. When the game moved to Europe, it was then called "Poque". The game was popularized by the United States in the 19th century. The game has moved from one traditionally played in the seedy areas of the nation to something akin to a popular sport.

Checkers / Draughts Rules

Checkers, also known as "Draughts" has been around for quite some time, some reporting it being played all the way back to 200 BC by the Egyptians, and is even referred to in Homer's Odyssey.

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